The BMW Plug-in Hybrid Fleet.

February 28th, 2020 by

Sustainable, future-oriented mobility. Just unplug the charger and enjoy sheer driving pleasure. With a BMW Plug-In Hybrid, it’s easy as a child’s play.

BMW has been making electric cars for over four decades. When the company adopted sustainability and started focusing on the environment, BMW created a production chain that helped to become one of the largest suppliers of electric cars in Europe. Right now, on roads all over the world, there are over 320,000 rechargeable BMW cars in use.

A Plug-in Hybrid, sometimes called a hybrid car, is powered by both an electric motor and a combustion engine. The car runs on a battery that is recharged in the same way as in an electric car. The BMW 330e stands for BMW-typical driving pleasure, power and maximum efficiency. Driving tomorrow’s dream today, it combines maximum driving pleasure with significantly reduced CO2 emissions.

Charging Options: Wallbox, Charging Station, or Wireless Charging.




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