Have you ever just wanted to talk to someone about the features of a new BMW without getting the big sales push?

Have you ever need someone to explain the more intricate features of your current BMW?

The answer is “Yes”. All of us are familiar with these situations, and BMW of Springfield is proud to offer the solution to these issues.

Have you ever gotten into a brand new vehicle and not understood all the innovative and new technology at your disposal? If you’re at a loss, BMW can help. A team of trained specialists and product experts called BMW Geniuses are now available across the nation to assist you in learning about everything your vehicle has to offer from the inside out, and they’re happy to answer your questions in person, on the phone, or even via a smartphone app. Don’t hesitate the contact your BMW Genius if you have questions or concerns about your vehicle.

The BMW Genius will be on hand to explain the most recent upgrades to the BMW models to customers as well as provide hands-on demonstrations of the latest features. The BMW Genius is not here to sell the vehicle but to provide our customers with the best information so they can make informed decisions and get the most out of their BMW vehicle. The BMW Genius will work alongside our dedicated Sales Advisors to demonstrate product options and provide insightful information during car deliveries and test drives.

As the BMW of Springfield Genius, we are available to help our clients enjoy all of the new and cutting-edge features our BMWs have to offer while making sure the client fully understands how they work. We can assist in finding the perfect BMW to suit your particular lifestyle and needs. We are here to provide you with helpful information about the car before, during and after the initial purchase.

The best part of our job is when a new client walks into the BMW of Springfield showroom for the first time and has never driven a BMW. We put them behind the wheel of one of our test drive cars and it gives us great joy to see the look on their face as they put the pedal down for the first time in The Ultimate Driving Machine. We watch, in real time, as they are converted from a customer into a BMW fan.

The BMW Genius app also covers information such as model-specific product information and how-to videos, so you can learn about your ride on the go. Or, if you run into something that you can’t find the answer or tutorial for, don’t hesitate to call our hotline to speak with a trained representative. No matter where you are, a BMW Genius is available to help you through the process of learning about your vehicle. Make sure you make use of your complimentary BMW Encore session, too – it’s by appointment so you can show up at your convenience, and it allows a BMW representative to give you more in-depth, in-person information about the ins and outs of your vehicle.

At BMW, we understand that customer satisfaction relies on our ability to help our customers understand our product thoroughly. BMW Geniuses are employed at your local dealership to assist you through the buying process, so that you know and understand what you’re getting with your vehicle and which features will complement your lifestyle and family the best. They can also help you during the financing process and even after you’ve purchased your vehicle. All you have to do is contact your BMW Genius through the BMW Genius Hotline or through the app, available now on smartphones and tablets!

Along with this new position has come new advances to help you connect with a BMW Genius through our new BMW Genius App and BMW Genius Hotline. Below you will find more information about both exciting additions to the BMW Genius Everywhere program.

BMW Genius App

The new BMW Genius App, designed for smartphones and tablets (Android/iOS), will provide you with information about BMW vehicles as well as how-to videos about the features, operations, and functions of your particular model.To install the app, use your smartphone or tablet browser and go to

BMW Genius Hotline

What if you want to immediately speak with a product expert while you are driving your BMW vehicle? Starting today you can also speak to the dedicated BMW Genius Hotline for “how to use” product information and other vehicle-related questions. This team of specially-trained advisors can answer any question you have about your vehicle’s functions and features and can be reached at 1-844-4GENIUS (443-6487) or

Come into the dealership today and visit BMW of Springfield to see the latest features that are included on BMW’s models including the 4 Series, 3 Series, i3, and X5 or to learn more about BMW’s all-new BMW Genius Everywhere program and the latest features included in the program.

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