BMW Authorized Tires & Safety

BMW Approved Performance Tires

Calibrated to deliver the most dependable traction you've ever experienced, high-performance tires unlock the full potential of your BMW. Prepare to savor corners and curves like never before.

BMW Approved Run-Flat Tires

At low speed, a tire blowout can be stressful. At high speeds, it can be catastrophic. Built with reinforced sidewalls and non-slip humps, Run-Flat tires keep their shape when depressurized and won't slide off the rims when cornering.

BMW Approved Cold Weather Tires

Starting at just 45 degrees, cooler weather had an immediate impact on the summer/performance tires of every vehicles. At such low temperatures, rubber begins to harden, negatively affecting not only the tire's road gripping ability, but also the vehicle's steering and responsiveness. This even affects BMW models with xDrive.

BMW Approved Cold Weather Tires offer three important benefits:

  • Cold-resistant silica compounds retain flexibility even at low temperatures
  • Sophisticated tread design with interlinking ribs offers improved grip on ice and snow
  • Deeper, self-cleaning treads significantly improve tire grip and propulsion on wet roads.

On snow-covered surfaces, BMW Approved Cold Weather Tires can significantly shorten braking distance when compared to summer/performance tires. Improved stopping distance can mean the difference between a safe and secure stop and an accident when driving in winter weather.